Our Groomer

Aisling O'Sullivan.

Hi I'm Aisling I'm the head groomer at D'WAGS. I became a dog groomer simply because I love dogs. I believe I have the best job in the world caring for your four legged friends.I love my job and I think it shows in my work, I have worked in the dog grooming industry for over 5 years and still to date I am attending new courses so I can always offer my clients the most up to date techniques and procedures. I am constantly learning new grooming techniques, tips and trick to make your dogs grooming experience one which he/she will enjoy. I am a qualified animal first aid responder so you can be sure your pet is in safe hands remember at D'WAGS "your pet is our priority"



When you chose to groom at D'WAGS you get the best possible service in a kind caring space. Quite simply dogs are our passion we chose to care for your pets. We use only the best shampoos and products. We understand the busy schedules you have and try to cater for all appointment working evening and weekends(including Sundays) to suit your needs.

we offer full and mini grooms, nail and ear care, anal glands, wash/dry service and self-service wash. we have a wide range of shampoos to suit all skin types.

My Clients Say

Colette Ward Carey, "Aisling is the best dog groomer around. She always does a fantastic job on Bella. I couldn't recommend her enough"

Sharon Lane , "Zac always recieves wonderful care and attention from aisling at D'WAGS and her health and nutrition advice is spot on. Cant praise her enough "

Helen Hartnett, Cant thank Aisling enough, excellent service and very reasonable priced, would recommend D'WAGS to anybody.

Maria Hughs , "Aisling from DWAGS grooms my dog buddy when ever it's needed and she does this with respect for buddy and every other dog she grooms. Aisling has groomed buddy since he was a baby, she was his first groomer and we would never change to another. Buddy enjoys going to get groomed by Aisling because she cares for the dogs as if they are her own."

Recommended Treatments

Shed Less Program

We all know Fly away hairs can ruin the look of any sofa or carpet, so help control shedding with this shampoo! Contains a range of ingredients to help impede shedding. Unique blend of conditioning and fortifying ingredients remove loose hair, while the added protein helps strengthen the hair follicle to reduce shedding between baths. Suitable for short and longer breeds. Leaves a soft, fresh coat. Ideal to use in the salon before using a shed stopper[View All ]

Treatment Shampoo

Aromacare Flea Defense Citrus Shampoo puts nature to work for you and your pet by providing a natural defense to fleas! This rich-lathering shampoo is infused with the natural essential oils of citronella, lemon grass, cedar, clove, and peppermint which together provide an effective alternative to conventional pesticides. Regular use will help prevent and control fleas and provide relief from itching and scratching. [ View All]

Hydro Bath

What is a Hydro wash? A Hydro wash is a wash that uses a specially designed recirculation pump. This pump produces a high volume mix of water and shampoo delivered powerfully enough to penetrate the thickest coats, yet gently enough to massage the skin. All in a fraction of the time taken by normal bathing methods[View All]

Mini Groom

wash & dry - face/feet tidy this is a between groom maintenance to keep your pooch looking fab between grooms. Very helpful for stopping matts building up in coat..[View all]